MMK PTA registered charity no 293320

We are very proud to have a PTA that is such an integral part of the School’s community. The money raised has an enormous impact on school life and provides the children with much enjoyment.  This year we have raised money to pay for ICT equipment for the school including 28 laptops and WiFi for the school.  In recent years, the PTA has subsidised many school outings, provided traditional foods for the chaggim, purchased digital cameras for every class and covered the cost of kitchen equipment for hot school lunches.

We really need parents' support because without it we could not continue to raise this money. If you are able to help in any of the following ways, please email:

  • Attending meetings to help plan events
  • Helping out on the day at events
  • Selling raffle tickets and advertising space
  • Printing, e.g. flyers, tickets, posters
  • Using business contacts to source raffle prizes, sponsorship, donations
  • Providing a useful skill, e.g. face painting, carpentry, balloon art, costume-making

For current parents: For information about specific upcoming events, please visit the PTA Events page.

iPad Update
We are very grateful to the PTA for funding a set of 30 iPads for the school.

We have been using them for one month now and the children (and teachers!) have been enjoying using them across a range of subjects.

Here are some examples of how they have been used so far:

  • Year 1 have been using Book Creator to make our books about Elephants. They spent time getting used the iPads by searching for pictures, saving the images in photos. They will continue by adding text and pictures to their books.
  • Year 4 have used the sugar app to scan bar codes from drinks to see their sugar content, used the Internet, too, to do a science quiz on circuits, and also used Book Creator to begin making a book on rainforests.
  • Year 5 have used Popplet to display research on different artists and PicCollage to create posters. They have also been using iPads to help with their Jewish General Knowledge Etgar Prep. They used Notes to prepare a speech from information they researched and then had fun with Morfo, taking a photograph of a friend and working out how to make the photo read out their speech. 

Alex (Year 1) - It was great when Mrs Restan used the iPad to show my handwriting to the rest of the class on the IWB.

Francesca (Year 1) - I enjoyed finding pictures and saving them.

Eva (Year 4) - I liked when we made our rainforest book because it taught me a lot!

Ava (Year 4) - I liked using the iPad because I liked scanning all of the food to see the sugar amount.

Daniel and David (Year 5) - We've enjoyed typing, using Morfo and PicCollage.

Issy (Year 6) - I enjoy using all the different apps and the writing on an iPad is quicker than my handwriting!