Sport at MMK



At MMK, we are proud of our extensive and varied sports offering. Tied in with our inclusive school ethos, we encourage all of our pupils, whatever their age and ability, to participate in various sports. We believe that children benefit in all sorts of ways by joining in sports. Besides boosting health and helping children to be fit, children learn and utilise important life skills like being part of a team, as well as having the opportunity to work towards and attain goals (and not just those in football and netball)!! We work hard to give our children the stage to boost their confidence and self-esteem, and as an added bonus, we often find that this translates well in the classroom too! 

In addition, to twice-weekly PE lessons for each class, we run after-school and breakfast sports clubs. We also participate in an exciting array of borough and local school competitions and tournaments, details of which you will find below.

Indeed, our contributions and achievements in sports were recognised in 2018 and 2019 when the Barnet Partnership for School Sport awarded MMK the prestigious Gold Award for the second consecutive year. MMK has previously won the Bronze award.

The sports that we enjoy include (among others):

  • Football
  • Netball
  • Hockey
  • Swimming
  • Rugby tag
  • Tennis
  • PE
  • Boccia
  • Badminton
  • Athletics
  • New Age Kurling
  • Skipping

This academic year we have taken part in the following:

  • Year 3 and 4 Maccabi GB Football Tournament
  • Year 5 and 6 boys and girls Maccabi GB Football Tournament 
  • Barnet Swimming Gala for Year 3- 6
  • Netball Tournament for Year 5 and 6 girls
  • The New Age Kurling Competition at Barnet 




With so much going on, we are proud to regularly update parents and our school community about our sporting achievements and the events that we join in our weekly school newsletter