Enrichment Days




As part of our commitment to enhancing and broadening the curriculum beyond the academic subjects, we are proud and delighted to share with you highlights of our Enrichment days.  This is an initiative which was created to ensure that pupils were given access to a broad and balanced curriculum through all of our children enjoying the opportunity to try out and participate in a wide range of new, fun and exciting enrichment activities.

These activities included:

Cooking, Zen Doodle, Animal Drawing, Mosaic, Scrabble, Boggle, Percussion, Sewing, Bubbles, Strictly Come Dancing, French, Hungarian, Call My Bluff, Sport, Acoustic Karaoke, Glass Painting, Nail Art, Cake Toppers, Havdallah, Face Painting, Karaoke, Street Dance, Harry Potter b'Ivrit, Dream Catchers, Marble Run, Rock Painting, Stacking Cups, Clay and Scribble Robots.

As always, it is  wonderful to see the children experiencing new activities and improving on activities they have done previously.

I particularly loved this year’s Enrichment because it wasn't just fun, it was also educational and I know I learnt a lot from it. My favourite activity was probably Mosaic Art, because it was really fun seeing how mine and my friends’ paintings look together.  

I really enjoyed French as I learnt so many new words!

In Enrichment day, my favourite activity was Harry Potter B’Ivrit, because it was extremely interesting and I learned a lot from the Hebrew vocabulary used.

My favourite activity was Call My Bluff, because you really had to think and work as a team to work out the lie!

I loved Cake Toppers as it was something new to learn, I had never done it before!    

I liked Scribble Robots as we made working robots, learnt about circuits and it was arty and scienc-y!      

I really enjoyed playing scrabble –thank you!