Barnet Partnership School's Improvement (BPSI) Review

In January 2019 the Barnet Partnership School’s Improvement (BPSI) carried out a review of the school.

In addition to acknowledging the “strong focus on teaching and learning”, the report noted that “pupils enjoy school and feel part of its development”. Indeed, one pupil commented, “I can’t sum it (the school) up in words; it has had a life-changing impact on our lives.” Reviewers recognised that the school is “child centred and always works in the best interests of the pupils. As a result, their personal development mirrors their academic success.”

The points listed below are directly taken from the written report.

  • Mathilda Marks Kennedy primary School continues to be a highly effective school and consistently provides a high standard of education for all its pupils.
  • There is a culture of high expectations in a calm and purposeful environment. This culture is reinforced by adults having an accurate understanding of pupils’ needs and assessment information.
  • The quality of teaching, learning and assessment is highly effective.
  • Excellent attitudes towards learning was evident in all classes.
  • Behaviour in all areas of the school was exemplary.
  • Inclusion is embedded.
  • EYFS practice is highly focused on the interests of children. The excellent adult: pupil relationships reinforce the very high level of focus and exemplary behaviour.
  • All pupils have an equality of opportunity and the school recognises their diverse needs.
  • The leadership team is very strong and has a cohesive approach to raising standards. They are consistently striving to improve outcomes and provide pupils with a range of opportunities to develop academically, socially and emotionally.
  • Governors are experienced and offer a range of expertise. They understand their responsibilities, working with a strong culture of challenge and support.
  • The school continues to be effectively managed within a highly organised, systems-based environment.