Enrichment Week 2017 

This week has been so exciting at MMK with our second Enrichment Week. Every afternoon, all the children have had opportunities to try out and participate in a wide range of enrichment activities. During this week, enrichment activities have taken place in Multi -Sport, Card Games, Cheer leading, Art, Kaleidoscope, Emoji Cookies, Karaoke, Cookery, Magnets, Collage, Face Painting, Marble Run, Musical Theatre, Candle Making, Key Rings, IPad Workshop, Creative Art, Weaving, Knickerbocker Glory, Ceramics, Reproduction Art, Slime, Street Dance, Mural, Peoples’ Court, Animal Art, Spanish, Sushi, Calligraphy, Keep Fit, Dance, Clay, Table Tennis, Percussion, Scrabble, Woodwork, First Aid, Sugarcraft, Bow Making. Thirty nine different activities!

It has been wonderful to see the children experiencing new activities and improving on activities that they have done before. It was also a pleasure to see the way in which the older children helped and supported the younger children.

Please look out for our display coming soon, complete with the mural created with   Mrs Harris, photographs of the activities and your children’s comments.

Here is a sneak preview:-

Thank you for Enrichment Week. It’s the best week of school I ever had. Thanks for making the activities. Jake Y5

 The funniest activity was Knickerbocker Glory. This was worth coming to instead of card games.          HenryY4

I’ve had so much fun – like winter camp at MMK. I enjoyed it so much.  

Libby Y6 

 You don’t have to do afternoon work.   Ariella Y6